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Gerald Home

One with the force since October 6, 2021

Gerald Home was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He later emigrated to Australia with his family, at the age of 16. His acting career started while he was attending college, leading him at the way to London Drama Studio. He eventually graduated in 1977, around the same time when I little movie called Star Wars was making noise in the theaters.

While Gerald has enjoyed a long, rich and varied career, he holds a special place in the Star Wars fandom for his participation in Star Wars: Episode VI - RETURN OF THE JEDI. He is credited with not one, but two roles in the movie, which are Tessek - Squid Head and the Mon Calamari Officer.

He has appeared at many fan conventions over the years, meeting with fans and members of costuming groups of all allegiances. As such, many fan groups have made him one of their own over the years. The 501st Legion has actually made him an Honorary Member in 2005, recognizing his remarkable contribution to the Star Wars universe.

His relationship with Quebec predate even the formation of the Forteresse Imperiale Garrison itself! At Celebration VI in Los Angeles in 2007, he met with several members of L'Alliance Impériale and became "Godfather" of the group. Over time, this group grew and evolved into what would become the Forteresse Imperiale.

Upon becoming its own Garrison, the Forteresse Imperiale decide to rekindle this great friendship and officially name Gerald as Ambassador of the Garrison! To mark the occasion, he made the trip to Shawinigan, where he attended Shawicon, meeting with Star Wars fans and our garrison members alike.

To show their appreciation of him, our members decide to give him a very special gift, presenting him with his very own Garrison shirt, their way of making him truly one of their own! Finally, he was given one-of-a-kind action figures of the characters he played in Star Wars, packaged in boxes adorning our logo and colors.

For his generosity, his devotion to Star Wars fans all around the world and his contribution to the greatest saga ever told, we wish to thank Gerald with all our heart!

On october 2021, it is with great sorrow that we heard Gerald lost his fight against a terrible disease. Even in the final stages of his life, he was still generous with his fans. He is greatly regretted by the garrison and by all the members of the Star Wars community who had the chance of meeting him. Rest in peace, Gerald.

If you wish to know more about him, please visit http://geraldhome.dr-maul.com.